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About us

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We are proud to introduce ourselves as a British company based in London, dedicated to manufacturing natural herbal beauty products. While we are headquartered in London, we have established partnerships with trusted manufacturers in Thailand and other Asian countries that deeply respect the natural properties of herbs.

At PYRDICCI, we believe in the power of nature and its ability to enhance our beauty and well-being. That's why we carefully select the finest herbs and botanical extracts from these regions, known for their rich herbal traditions and expertise.

By collaborating with manufacturers in Thailand and other Asian countries, we ensure that our products are crafted with utmost care and respect for the natural properties of herbs. These partnerships allow us to harness the knowledge and techniques passed down through generations, resulting in high-quality beauty products that truly celebrate the essence of nature.

We are committed to providing you with effective and sustainable beauty solutions that prioritize the use of natural ingredients. Our dedication to quality, authenticity, and respect for nature sets us apart, and we are excited to share the benefits of our natural herbal beauty products with you.

Thank you for choosing PYRDICCI, where nature meets beauty in every product we create.

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